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Down the river Mže
Walking tour (about 7km long) is going through a colourful valley…

Educational mining nature trail
is leading through the river Mže valley for about 3 km with 7 stops…

Walking in the town of Stříbro
The perfect way how to discover most of our historical places and sights.

Educational nature trail
Educational nature trail about history of mining in Stříbro region - information, impressions and photos.

History of Royal Hereditary Prokop´s mining tunnel
History of the most significant piecework of Stříbro mining disctrict

13. meridian
Information about a nice place worth to visit in Stříbro

Cycle path „Friendship“
Information about a cycle path connecting Neustadt/WN and Stříbro...

Translated by: Jan Vavřička, DiS.

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