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Educational mining nature trail

is leading through the river Mže valley for about 3 km with 7 stops…

The trail starts in front of the hotel „U branky“. There is the signboard Nr.1 „Historical town district“ at the beginning of the educational trail. The board is informing about town mining history. The trail is made out of asphalt at its first part and you can see beautiful historical town places on your left side.

The trail is turning left after a while on a footpath going down the river Mže valley. You can see several mining tunnels in the valley. At the very beginning of the foothpath is the stop Nr.2 „Geological development“. You can read here details about various styles of mining in the Central district and details about St. Anna´s mining tunnel. The next stop Nr.3 „Mineralogy“ is describing more than 50 lodes and their names.

There is the stop Nr.4 at St. Barbara´s mining tunnel. You can read here details about the tunnel, underground space and sublevel inhabitans. Going forward you will meet the stop Nr.5 „Gotwill“ tunnel. You can read here about the tunnel, lives of miners and also about legends and rumours. Then you will go back above the river, then to the left via the footpath and at the railway viaduct you will turn left and meet the stop Nr.6 „Royal Hereditary Prokop´ s Mining tunnel“. It is a part of the mining open-air museum which is run by Historical-mining Association Stříbro“. You can learn here about the most significant mining work of the district since 16th century. You will also learn the facts regarding the tunnel Magdalena situated on the other side of the river.

The final stop of the trail is the stop Nr.7 „Koubkova branka“ (Koubek´s gate). You will meet this historical place when you follow the trail cross the river using bridge called „Červená lávka“ (Red bridge). You will get knowledge of the gate and also of the town cavemen activities. The trail is going forward along the river and cross the bridge with the bridge gate to the point where the trail starts.

If you are not satisfied with 3km long trip you can extend your walking by going forward downstream the river around the Historical open-air museum. If you do so you will be rewarded with nice views of the river valley and military WWII bunkers and two other mining facilities – mining tunnels Unterlangen a Michael.

Translated by: Bc. Jan Vavřička, DiS.

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