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Down the river Mže

Walking tour (about 7km long) is going through a colourful valley…

The tour begins at the statue of St. Jan Nepomucky (photo n.1) not so far from Stříbro post office. There is a path going into the townpark on the right side of the statue. The path continues across a stream up a slight hill. The path is leading under the left edge of the valley so you can have a look at the valley on your right. When you continue on the park-path you can see on the right the river Mže in a while.

The path leads across a wooden bridge to the crossroad (photo n.3), where you can see on the tree on your right yellow and red arrow (they are in the photo). When you go ahaed you will meet another little bridge (photo n.4) and the path (photo n.5) is going down to the river Mže.

When you see a metal constuction over the river (photo n.6), those of you who are in condition, can turn left following the red arrow and go up the narrow and steepy path (photo n.7) leading to top rocks above the river. Your effort will be rewarded with a fabulous view of the river (photos n.8-11). The path continues to another beautiful place suitable for relaxing and enjoying fine views of the valley. Keep going about 150metres and you will have on your right an access to the relaxing place (photo n.12). After relaxing you can come back the same way to the crossroad near the construction over the river (photo n.6). You can extend the walking tour for 1 km.

The path continues near the river in direction of the yellow arrow (photos n.13+14) to a footbridge (photo n.15). Cross the footbridge, then turn right and you will come back to the town of Stříbro (up the stream). On the forestway you will meet mine drifts, WWII army bunkers and you will arrive to The Mining museum. The Museum will be on your left. On your right you will see a bridge called "Červená lávka".

Now you can choose. You can either cross the bridge "Červená lávka" and come back to downtown following the red tourist sign or you can go straight on following the Mining nature trail "Hornická naučná stezka" (the trail is described separately).

Translated by: Bc. Jan Vavřička, DiS.

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