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Cycle path „Friendship“

Information about a cycle path connecting Neustadt/WN and Stríbro...

Logo cyklotrasy Town of Stríbro and partner town Vohenstrauss agreed in 2004 as a part of a great project to connect their cultural and historical centres also by a cycling path. The project was named to Cycle path of Friendship - Freundschafts Radweg. Towns and villages situated on the cycle track signed Partnership Agreement to realize mutual help and support to this project.

To build this path of friendship was necessary to deal with many obstacles. The most significant problem was money therefore the cycle path is using already existing roads.

The origin idea regarding only sector from Stríbro to Vohenstrauss was thanks to activity of German side changed and extended from Vohenstrauss to Neustadt/WN. This cycling path was named to "37".

The path passes a little bit off the town of Stríbro so our town is trying to build signboards which would lead tourists to our beautiful historical town with many interesting sights. Stríbro Region and Town of Stríbro will gradually try to build and create services and support for all visitors of this royal town on a river of seven names.

The cycling path on German side was opened and celebrated with Bocklweg in Vohenstrauss 30. 7. 2005 and then was opened on Czech side the second part: Železná - Sycherák. The last symbolic opening took place 10.9.2005 together with opening and celebrating new Mining Open Air Museum in Stríbro.

Translated by: Bc. Jan Vavřička, DiS.

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