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History of Royal Hereditary Prokop´s mining tunnel

History of the most significant piecework of Stříbro mining disctrict

This tunnel used to have a lot of names. The oldest one is „Kašparova štola“, then German name „Prokopi tiefe erbstollen“ and the youngest used name is „Brokárna“.

First written mention about the tunnel is in the book "Register o vydání a příjmech hor olověných u Stříbra" and says that Mr. Kašpar started to dig deep hereditary tunnel in 1513 to drain the area around lode "Bohaté požehnání - Reichen Seegen – Great Blessing". The tunnel was made as a a main spine of all metal lodes in Central Stříbro district .

The tunnel was long circa 2 500 m in 1743 and was taken by the state and named to „C.k.Prokopi Erbstollen“. There was main hoisting shaft called Gőpelschacht (Žentourová šachta) 340 m from the entry. Later (at 570.m and 1050.m) were made crosscuts which allowed to mine lodes: Heinrich, Johan Baptist, Johan der Jüngere, Johan der Altere,Gottfried, Barbora, Michaelis and others. Thanks to these crosscuts was also connected complex Frischglück and Kangenzug.

In 1804 in a chamber 60m from the entry was made a wheel of watermining machine driven by water. Water was coming from the river Mže via 150 m long channel. Movement and power from the machine was led via 310 m long corridor to the hoisting shaft „Žentourová jáma“. And from this time was mining possible also under level of hereditary tunnel and under level of the river Mže.

In 1863 was tunnel sold for 16 800 Austrian florins to Johan Baptist, Reichen Seegen Gottes and Langenzug – Frischglück.

In 1908 was operation of the tunnel stopped and it was renewed after 10 years. In 1930 it was stopped again and all mining in Stříbro district finished.

Baťa company was interested in mining in Stříbro district in 1937 but miming was not renewed because of political situation in 1938.

New phase of mining in Stříbro was started after year 1945. In 1950 was restored Prokop´s mining 1823 m long tunnel. In 1953 was schaft Gőppelschacht renewed and renamed to Brokárna. In 1955 it was deepened to level 182,3 m. Mining was in progress until year 1966. Last wagon of material was mined 28.02.1966.

Translated by: Bc. Jan Vavřička, DiS.

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