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Walking in the town of Stříbro

The perfect way how to discover most of our historical places and sights.

1. stop – Townhall
Our Renaissance townhall brought fame to our town. This huge building with three gables was built during the 16. century. The Renaissance part of the townhall fills place of two town houses. The entrance part of the townhall was modified to present shape after fire in 1588. Recent findings showed that the author of the reconstruction was Albrecht Vlach Gryson - author of Renaissance townhall in Pilsen (Plzeň).

2. stop – All Saints´ Church
The tower of the church is often photograhed and takes important place in looking at the town. Original sanctuary perished during reconstruction in 1565. The tower, front face and part of presbytery were saved for present days. The rest parts of this huge building are from years 1754 - 1757, when the building was modified in Baroque style. Last big repairing was started in 1990 and these repair activities were related to the tower, facade and roofs. Authors of painting decorations are E. Dollhopf, 1766 (presbytery) and F. J. Lux ,1760 (presbytery dome and three-vault-roof).

3. stop – Jewish Gate
Jewish Gate – former entrance to Jewish part of the town.

4. stop – Town fortification
Central town and also southern suburb (called New town) are surrounded by interesting townwalls. Former medieval path going through the town of Stříbro was guarded by two gates (upper and lower). Upper gate „Chebská“ was in Benešova street and was destroyed in 1877. Lower gate „Pražská“ situated in Plzeňská street was destroyed by local citizens in 1839. You can see rest of the townwalls in town park and in southern part of the town.

5. stop – Hussite Citadel
Hussite Citadel is only one citadel which was saved from all the historical town towers. It is situated near the lower town fuel station. The citadel was rebuilt to residantial place in 1705. Near to the citadel is Jewish gate (mentioned above). These two nice historical places create beautiful atmosphere.

6. stop - Church of the Assumption of Our Lady
One of the oldest buildings of the town was a church of old mining settlement. This old church was built in 1180. The building was several times rebuilt and during Hussite wars heavily damaged. In years 1573 - 1574 was at the place of the old church built a new one by manson craftsman Honzík.

7. stop – The Bridge and The Bridge Gate
There exist only two bridge tower gates in the Czech republic. One is situated in Prague on Charles Bridge and the second one is here – in the town of Stříbro. The stone bridge made out of sandstone blocks is going across the river Mže. The gate bridge was built in 1555 - 1560 by master builder Benedikt Volch from Ferrol. The bridge was used as access road to Stříbro from Pilsen and Prague.

8. stop – Koubek Gate
Miller Koubek paid for building the gate in 1574. He needed a direct way through townwalls to his flour-mill located near the river Mže to be able to transport flour from his mill to the town. Town authorities ordered to build a way to the gate afterwards.

9. stop – Minorite Monastery
Origins of convent are connected to foundation of royal town Stříbro in first half of 13. century. First centuries of its existence were filled by clerical activities and building of church complex. It was not easy because the basic resources for living were alms, charity, gifts and vicarage duties. The church and convent buildings were totaly rebuilt into Baroque style in 18. century. Soon after, in 1785 the recently repaired church was aborted. At the present time the Town Museum and Town Information Center is using the buidling.

Translated by: Bc. Jan Vavřička, DiS.

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