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Educational nature trail

Educational nature trail about history of mining in Stríbro region - information, impressions and photos.

History of mining in Stríbro region
Educational nature trail about history of mining in Stríbro region goes around town of Stríbro along the river Mže. All the trail is 3 km long and provides us beautiful view of the town. The trail is very well designed and built for tourists. The trail is not perfect for cyclists because there are some stairs as a part of the trail. There are signboards along all the educational trail and therefore you will be at every stop very well informed about history of mining, geology, and mineralogy of Stríbro region.

1. Historical town districts
The trail starts in front of the hotel „U branky“. There is the signboard Nr.1 „Historical town districts“ at the beginning of the educational trail. The board is informing about town mining history.

2. Geological development
The signboard Nr.2 is dedicated to geological development of Stríbro region. You can read here details about various styles of mining in the Central district and details about St. Anna´s mining tunnel, e.g. the tunnel is 42,5m long.

3. Mineralogy of Stríbro region
The stop Nr.3 „Mineralogy“ is informing about local minerals. If you are interested in mineralogy, stop here and enjoy all the facts and information. You will experience here beautiful view of the town.

4. St. Barbara´s mining tunnel
The tunnel is named after saint patron of miners. St. Barbara´s mining tunnel is 35,5 m long. You can see ice stalactites and stalagmites at the tunnel entry in winter. Some bats live here. Inner tunnel temperature is in range from 7,5°C to 9°C.

5. Gotwill tunnel
If you keep going you will meet tunnel Gottwill. This German name was used mostly but you can also in some books find Czech version „Boží vule“ (God´s will).

6. Royal Hereditary Prokop´s mining tunnel
This is the most significant piecework of Stríbro mining disctrict. Prokop´s tunnel was made as a main spine of all metal lodes in Central district. In 1743, when the tunnel was taken over by the state, the tunnel was 2,5 km long. There was the main mining hole called Göpelschacht (Czech „Žentourova šachta“) 340 m from entry. Nowadays there is Mining Museum in front of the tunnel. You can see technology and tools used by miners here.

7. Koubek´s gate
This gate is part of town-walls system. Miller Koubek paid for building the gate in 1574. He needed a direct way through townwalls to his flour-mill located near the river Mže to be able to transport flour from his mill to the town. Reconstruction of the gate started in 1989. After 3 years of hard work of 10 local cavemen and with help of local authorities the reconstruction was finished.

The educational nature trail is very well signed. There is beautiful nature in summer and you can pretty well relax here. Trees offer you pleasurable shadow and you can enjoy nice view of the town. Tourists like the trail because of pleasant walking in nature and also for its educational effect.

Translated by: Bc. Jan Vavřička, DiS.

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