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History of the town Stříbro

The town Stříbro is situated 30 km west of Plzeň on the Mže river valley. The first written document concerning the town dates back to 1183. The prosperity of the royal town Stříbro was enabled by the convenient location on the trade route Prague-Nürnberg as well by the ore mining, which has a close connection with the towns name.

At the present time, Stříbro has more than 8000 inhabitants. The historic heart of the town has been declared the historical town-reservation. The most important town sights are the town square itself and the superb renaissance town hall decorated by exquisite grafiti, as well as the remarkable group of renaissance house-portals of great architectural merit.

There are many other important historical buildings in the town, as well as architectural sights, and the town itself is an important touristic centre of the region. The sport-area and other holiday facilities in the river Mže valley can be visited.
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